Long story, but I thought I’d try to write about the source of sighs. 

The form, sevenling, is a bit odd. Reading, you don’t notice much.  Writing one requires two three-line stanzas and a one-line twist. An element of three in each of the three-line stanzas. Repetition is easiest, but there are all manner of parallels, synonyms, and opposites. Three things that somehow fit together.

The Source of Sighs

Is the reason the source? A sigh
of peace. Does it spring from the same hill as a sigh
of exasperation? What about a satisfied sigh?

Is there a Livingstone of sighing, who left home
and companions, left base and bearers behind,
left the broad reasoned valley? Is he lost

in his soul, or exhaling it.


Always good to hear from friends

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