For QKJ #2 See Page 26

Miz Quickly’s QKJ prompt #2

See Page 26

I, too, dislike the Internet. It is
a wonder grander in scale than the Great
Pyramid of Giza but quick as a flea.
It introduced me to friends (emoji

wave) in incomprehensible time zones,
gives a satellite view of my roof.
The internet has instructed me in
bread-baking, bookmaking, poetry

and offered me a thousand thousand
thousand offers, shown me all positions
follicle-close and in high definition.
But no smell of rising escapes its poked

loaves. Its pages never cut or fall out, fly
over the oaks, leaving nothing but holy
questions. I can’t wedge it open, taste it,
lose it. I, too, dislike the Internet.




  1. I might enjoy the internet more if there was a translation site for ‘geek’.
    There is just so much I (shaking head from side to side and sighs in despair) that I just don’t understand.


    1. I get you. There are things my brain refuses, too. Most of them, unfortunately, have to do with communication with actual breathing people. I’m pretty good at putting together flat-box furniture, though.

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