Quickly + Twiglet= Twicky Quilt leg

Twiglet #5
Twiglet #5


Why choose Gold Standard sweet pepper this year? Oh, Burpee Seeds knows me.
It is January, but so very not-cold I’m harvesting ripe yellow bells as I read.

Woodpecker on the porch post. Breast scaled like a fish, its cap a burning coal.
One eye watches me through the window. Gray woman with a cold, red nosed.

Who picked my pocket and stole my soul? Where is it hidden. Clue me one, do.
Under the coffee pot? Am I warm or cold? In a mirror? phone? notebook? pen?

Your mother’s kitchen’s got no oven. Cold radiator, heat sink,refrigerator, her.
You’ve got no daddy but some frozen sperm. You’re your mama’s little ice box pie.

Cold is nothing. It is absence. It draws warmth to itself, sucks, swallows it down.
Somewhere on this winter day I’ll find the stomach of the cold, wade in and swim.




  1. I love a good mix-up, and I like this: “Cold is nothing. It is absence.” I shall remember myself of that when I’m outside, freezing.


  2. There is a lot in here… Enough to make me wonder about the speak, of her reasons addressing the subject in such a way (I also find myself wondering who the subject is).

    This is line is my favorite (because of it’s power): “Your mother’s kitchen’s got no oven. Cold radiator, heat sink, refrigerator, her.” It’s the line that makes want to know everything about everyone involved.

    Thinks can get so complex when we speak about someone’s mother.


    1. This piece is like an informal ghazal. Each couplet is, in a way, a separate poem, which is why it makes so little sense. The “mother” couplet is a takeoff on the game of insults sometimes called the dozens–the more clever the insult, the better. But, yes, complications.


  3. This is really interesting …. how each couplet stands alone and yet, together they work and yet, abuse and disabuse one from the other.

    I can appreciate just how much is really going on here by way of the form – but the content really is worthy of many readings and just sitting with it all.

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