Saturday Ketchup

Qkj # 10 plus Twiglet 6


You say you’re done with dreams. Baby, we
all aspire. Maybe it’s to take air in without aid,
maybe it’s only to wake again. I’ve had dreams

you wouldn’t allow were mine. Grandiose,
shamefully juvenile cravings. Fame. All
its accompanying glorious folderol. Money.

Cars and clothes and do-ers at my call.
Hey, a body fantasizes. Creates great, galloping
phantasmagoria. You can’t crate dreaming.

Lade it on a container barge for China. What
sable animals come to harbor in those lacunas
left in your brain, eh? Snakes, and despairs.

I’ve tried that, and done. Hug onto your lions,
and tigers and bears, kiddo. Aspire to stay sane.



  1. I’d trade a bit of anxiety for a touch of lunacy. I searched the house high and low today, looking in every crook and cranny for my old Windows laptop. Could *not* find it, and this isn’t a huge house either. I was soon reduced to tears and anxiety, thinking early dementia was setting in. Turns out Peder had moved it to a draw under the guest room bed, which was probably the only place that I didn’t look because who the dickens puts an old laptop in a drawer under the bed? Huh? I ask you, huh? Lions, tigers and bears, oh my.


    1. I imagine you’ve got a good reason for wanting the Windows machine. I tried to go back, but the iteration installed in the machine I bought was all covered with squares and junk I had no knowledge of nor desire for, and I couldn’t figure out a way to simplify. One week later I swapped it and a fistful of money for another mac.


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