Quickly #18 Begin with a lie




The Big Dead

A dead deer looks a lot like a dead human being.
Unlike a fat row of brown raked leaves or mottled
rotten log, discovered, it engenders profound dismay.

This is the country. The U. S. of A. I live here.
I’m an old woman. (Cue the Dragnet theme.)
It was Monday. January sixteenth. Smell of
white Ivory soap, taste of mint toothpaste. I

was watching the day break out of the fog.
The visible world was all halo, the head of its saint
still under ground.There were no stars, headlights,
colors. Crows hadn’t broken the peace, yet. Far

at the end of the driveway under one conical, skeletal tree,
Death had laid out a corpse and left a human problem.
(Cue the Dragnet theme.) What to do with the body?





    1. Thanks. Hard to tell when it’s such a wonky piece.
      Damn deer. One thing about moving out of the city–nobody picks up carcasses. Took Jim several calls to find that out. Fortunately the neighbor next door knocked and asked if we were wanting to keep it. We allowed as to how–no. Turns out that one of the guys across the road (never did figure out which) grinds them up and feeds them to his animals. I refuse to spend too much time thinking on the hows of that, but he hauled the body off before it got too ripe (68 degrees)


      1. What sort of animals does that person keep? As for the poem, it has a good sense of tension, a strong thread pulling it from start to finish. And it has an interesting storyline. I don’t think the technicalities or correct terms, but I do know what I like – and what feels right.


        1. Beyond dogs? Not asking. Just glad he took it. I’ve mentioned that the guy behind us has a wolf? He wouldn’t feed the deer to his wolf–didn’t know what had killed it (illness, poison). An alcoholic with a wolf, but he’s careful.


  1. Of all the driveways, in all the towns, in all the world, she dies on mine. (not Dragnet but it works) Wow, your neighbor wanted to solve your problem – how neighborly can you get? I remember Dragnet and perfect last line!

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