Quickly 20

A not-particularly-poetic dialogue for Miz Q

Inauguration Day

Nice out. I’m going for a walk.

The rain stopped at midnight. The stars
were a garden
in a pasture of cloud.

There’s a half moon now–what’s the moon?
A deviled egg? Meringue pie? Flattened soccer ball?

It’s the moon. The waning moon, to be precise.
And it’s partly sunny. Fifty-three the weather app says.
The pressure is twenty-nine point seventy-six,
and rising. Seven thirty-seven A M. 737: that’s funny:
that’s a plane.

You’re insane.

Just depressed. I still know fact from fantasy. Unlike

Don’t go there.

I should protest. Kill myself.

Walk with me. It’s nice. Buy you a bear claw.

Like sugar’s a cure.

With coffee.



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