for Twiglet #10

Twiglet #10



      1. I had Victorian quarry tiles in my old kitchen. Once a year I rubbed them with tableau red tile polish. They always came up so pretty afterward.


    1. I’ve been reading Wisława Szymborska. God! she’s good. I can borrow some of her obvious “tricks” but–even in translation she’s subtle and funny.


        1. I’m just learning about sooooo many poets. She is…accessible. If you get my drift. I don’t get that feeling of being on the butt end of a joke, just suspect I could read even the simplest several times and get a little more each time.


  1. Oh…I remember being in the heat of Italy during a drought – would have loved lemon in water then.
    And I went to the public pool…must have been hundreds of people there…
    I think I’ll wait for the 3-6 inched of snow that we are supposed to get this evening… the first real snow of this winter for us.


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