For Twiglet #11 

Twiglet #11

Piece of Folded Paper, Opened

“with a string” A fragment, found phrase. A not-
entirely blank piece of jigsaw puzzle. “With” could
be by means of, or accompanying. “A” is common,
excluding little (other than plurality). And “string”—
the sort of thing you/one might pull from a pocket
or junk drawer is barely more than a symbol. A string
(pianos, harps, guitars, garrotes notwithstanding)
isn’t strong. You don’t hang someone with a string
or expect it to hold in place anything more forceful
than a kite. Things strung together may be—separately—
strong, and if they are words or phrases, true. But string
can be rotten and sentences, paragraphs, even more—lies.

With a chain of connections no more sturdy than lint or
clover, he convinces us. And we are powerless, no?



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