Krewe of Fools

The Krewe of Panacea and Placebo plans
to leave the lab this year. It’s a fool’s errand.
However, millennia of sober study have taken
their toll on scientific virginity. Sin has
reared its fangs with an ethical conundrum:
Is it more wrong to hold out candy-red hope
or to hold in abeyance an untried miracle?

With a brass of cornets and bones, from
a vintage ambulance done up in rainbows,
Chinese dragons, fierce kittens, placards
with longer lists of dire possibilities than
twenty TV drugs; in weeds, masked with
the face of the one sure and permanent
cure, they’ll make their throws to naked
drunks and dying mortals, alike.

Reveler or seeker: wear your strings
of blessings, hang them from the rear view
mirror, or take one a day, not missing
a dose–the Krewe will never know
what you do. It’s a blind drunk study–
Mardi Gras.





  1. I tend to doubt it, but I’ll ask anyway – have you ever been? I suspect that if Costco and Ikea are a nightmare than Mardi Gras is probably off the agenda…


    1. I have been to New Orleans in the Spring. But that doesn’t count, does it? The time I might have enjoyed a crush of rowdy drunks is so long gone that the friends who actually went are dead. Went to Daytona for spring break one year, but the music was nothing to speak of. I left my contacts in, reading on the beach, and sunburned the inside of my eyelids. I think Mardi Gras with the natives, rather than the tourists, would be the way to go. Did you see the TV series Treme?

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      1. No, to Treme. I had to wikiWhatIsIt to learn about it. It seems it’s available on Netflix but we don’t subscribe to that. There’s already too much to choose from on telly, and we don’t need to pay for more stuff to record and never watch. We still have the Night Manager to watch, and it’s nearly a year-plus-some old. When I was a teenager, back when sunlamps were supposed to cure acne and rickets and a night home alone with your parents, I sunburned my eyeballs while reading. My back was turned to a sunlamp, so I thought I was okay. I suspect that this is the cause of many of my eye problems now. Well, all those that aren’t genetically induced. As for Mardi Gras, it’s so far down on my bucket list that it is apt to long survive me. Being surrounded by very noisy people, being crushed in a crowd, and most of them being drunk is my description of a nightmare.


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