Wordle: furnish(ed)

Wordle 291


The Difficulty

I wanted to write–still do–about a woman
briefly interviewed (she stays in my head),
but my brain has flawed circuit boards

and I am furnished faulty words–penguin,
or mouse, for the shape of her hair. The light

was softly lead, the sun a gray disk
in a windy plastic bag. That said, I was
fifty miles from the flying-saucer-shape

of that auditorium where seven thousand waited
patient and frozen as peas, to be processed in

by security. Local-channel surfing, and there:
that woman–so perfectly done up among
the hoi polloi. Surely the camera wiggled

toward her, happy wet doggie, pushing past
orange shoulder and green protest to soak

the glow of a woman in love, if love from afar.
I don’t care what he has to say, she witnessed
to the microphone. Hours of cold wind,

and not one freshly re-auburned hair dared
disgrace her. We love him, she said, I

just love him. Indeed the frozen Magi
could not have touched her for adoration.
Offer her a tray of pearls, she’d brush it aside.

Saint Nameless in fervor, drunk on anticipation.
Wonder: did she receive the great man’s…

what is the word for emptiness?