Twiglet on a pi-day (3.14)


Twiglet #15


Rushing Water

There’s a picture of me somewhere, in some
shoebox. I’m fifteen or sixteen, black and white,
cat glasses in a summer sleeveless dress waving
my fat arms for balance shin-deep in fast water.
(Another picture, of my brother, five or six,
in the same frigid creek: he’s all hunched over
with cold and trying not to be swept away.
Unfortunately looks like he’s peeing.)
We were in Gatlinburg. The dress was pale
yellow with a collar like a pilgrim’s white yoke,
huge in the wind. We, with our mama and hers,
stayed in a pine-walled cabin by another creek,
The nights were cold, and that was amazing. But then,
I was still to experience life in air conditioned rooms.





  1. I love this slice of memory, B. My family spent a week in Gatlinburg once…maybe around 1979 or so? My brother got significantly stung by some hornets. And there was a creek. And a little town, with an oldy-timey sort of pool hall and such.


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