Wordle #300

Sunday Whirl
Wordle #300

Mnemosyne, nee-mos-uh-nee
I Saw The Circus Once, And Under Canvas

Good-bye the clown car.
Alas the line of elephants, parades, archaic tire
and lingo. Good-bye high wires that sing, the swings,
black whips that snap, slappy shoes
made to trip over motes of remembered sawdust.

Good-bye the stilted men, the spangled shine,
three rings, top hats, tales
of rubes transformed into fliers, strongmen, human
cannonballs. Good-bye the trace of majesty, last gasp
of traveling wonder.

Good-bye tiny stages, flimsy cages, tigers, freaks,
peeks, shrieks. Good-bye the lines of banter, lines
of lights, hoards of sweating roustabouts,
the grand antique and secret message
that has run through every spiel
since marvelling began.

Good-bye the gold caliope, the Spectacle, the
Greatest Show On Earth. One more
piece of the past has died. Good-bye
the Great Egress.





  1. Goodbye indeed. In retrospect circuses seem ugly and cruel, so we move on to other entertainment that may well be just a perverse as we have that urge for something different to amuse us.

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